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Case Studies

A small selection of the broad range of plastics that we produce.

Home Brewing Equipment – Mixing Spoon

The client: A major producer and supplier in the global home beer and wine making industry. The product: Large mixing spoons, a vital component in a bestselling home brew kit. The challenges: The client’s spoons were being produced for them by a company in the Far East. The quality was inconsistent and many were substandard. The client wanted to [...]

The 2G Flicx Pitch

Flicx UK launched the 2G Flicx Pitch and related sports floors for the UK, European, American and Australasian markets. “The new surface has already shown an improved performance, increased bounce and ease of handling” says Richard Beghin – MD and Founder of Flicx. “We are very excited about the initial acceptance of the new brand by the Cricketing Market [...]

Marine Winches

A product design in house some years ago headed up by Richard Riggs a keen international sailor and former shareholder in the business. The aim was to manufacturer largely of polymer a range of winches suitable for yachts up to half ton racing capacity. On board maintenance was the watchword and the winches were serviced simply by removing the [...]

The STRIDA folding bike

This unique folding bicycle made from aluminium and glass filled plastic has won numerous awards since it was designed, including the Design Council Millennium Award for creative and innovative products for the new century. We bought this exciting new company in 1998 and consulted with the bike’s designer Mike Sanders and together looked at how we could mass-produce this [...]

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