From concept to reality…

Before you choose to work with us you’ll want to feel sure that we’re the right partner for you. We’re happy for you to come and meet us on site, so we can show you our factory and the machinery we use, our Injection Moulding Process as well as introducing you to our expert team.

We are proud of our commitment to providing the right solutions for our customers. From the initial enquiry through to our exceptional after sales service, our problem-solving approach, quick response times and experienced craftsmenship will help your ideas become reality.

Our Process


Whether you are a new customer looking for first time design and production of a product, or have existing designs that you would like developing further, we are able to help. Using the latest Rhino Software, we are able to open and develop existing designs from a range of other software packages or support you in the creation of new technical drawings. Once you are fully satisfied with your design we will agree on the full product specification before moving onto the next stage.

Tooling & Sampling

The next stage of the process is to provide you with a quotation for the required tooling and once accepted commission one of our trusted tool makers to produce a suitable tool. Our tool makers and us will advise and guide you to obtain the best possible appropriate tool and quality of the material. For our new clients with existing products, we will arrange a tool transfer as outlined below.


Following delivery or tool transfer to our premises we will mould a number of samples for your approval and subsequently go ahead with full production. Production lead times obviously vary but we will always endeavour to meet your expectations wherever possible. Having a sister company on the same premises enhances our flexibility in terms of staff numbers and a wide range of moulding machines offer additional opportunities. We operate a normal working week, but have in the past and will in the future also run a 24/7 operation for urgent orders or mass production runs.


We are ISO 9001 certificated and are currently working towards ISO 14001. Throughout the production process our QA Manager performs regular checks to ensure the highest levels of quality, utilising the latest Keyence measuring technology.

Delivery & Storage

We provide our injection moulded plastics products to a wide range of industries in the UK and abroad, including the US and Asia, as well as many EU countries.

If you require different delivery processes we are able to offer a Kanban system. We can deliver to you or your clients whilst maintaining an agreed stock level for call off, thus potentially reducing lead time. This will also, potentially alleviate any storage issues at your premises.

Tool Transfer

As an experienced moulder we  are also well versed in accepting existing tools from new clients. Our seamless process means we work well with our clients and their existing suppliers to ensure a hassle free transfer and to maintain a continuous supply of products.

Expert design and supply of 100's of plastic items in all shapes, forms and colours from 0.1g to 1.8kg

 Coffee Machines
 Wheel Nut Markers
 Kitchen Utensils
 Telephone Handsets
 Photographic Accessories
 Bicycle parts
 Football Clip Nets
 Smart Meters
 Fire Extinguishers
 And Many More...

Trusted suppliers to many industries

 Food, Drink and Catering
 Designers and Innovators
 Event Organisers
 Ministry Of defence
 Precision Engineering

We export our products worldwide

 Czech Republic