ECO-PLASTICS are a smart and green solution for a wide selection of applications. In addition to offering recycled materials, Roland Plastics can now offer:

Recovered after use in a previous application, re-ground into pellets and then re-used on new products, these materials usually come from a single source (i.e. CD cases, car batteries or drinks bottles) and are therefore of good quality and consistency. Certain grades also have food and water approvals.
Renewably Sourced
Bio-plastic materials have ingredients from non-depletable resources and can be derived from a selection of sources. Use of these materials is subject to debate, with certain sources potentially impacting the food chain! There are however a range of non-impacting sources available and these options are all an essential part of the selection process.
Standard petrochemical derived polymers can last for years. Biodegradable
materials are designed to last for the expected life span of a product and
then breakdown after use. Additives also exist that will enable a standard
materials to biodegrade though it is not fully understood the long term effects of any by-products are created as a result of the chemicals used.
Environmental Consideration
As an established plastic injection trade moulder we have a firm commitment to environmental issues regarding the long term use of plastics. All of RPL products are produced as permanent/semi permanent solutions for many different industries such as food, recreation, medical, precision engineering to name just a few. All items are installed for long term use and are not single use disposables. In addition RPL produces a range of flooring products, some of which – Durapath – are produced from 100% recycled material.

Roland Plastics endeavour to recycle all plastic waste materials as plastic waste can be usefully recycled up to 10 times. In addition the company is well on the way to achieve the next ISO standard 14001 which deals in particular with environmental issue and adherence to “green” policies.