ELEVATOR PITCH – Roland Plastics Ltd (RPL) is a plastic injection trade moulder. Basically this means the clients come to us with a new product they wish to make out of plastic, we then commission a tool, make the item and deliver to the client. This could be anything from a tiny pin to a large jug in all colours and plastics. However, RPL does have a range of  temporary and semi-permanent flooring tiles with a new ground solution tile Durapath being launched early summer.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR BUSINESS’S USP OVER YOUR PEERS? We are small enough to care and big enough to meet volume requirements. Customer Service coupled with competitive pricing give us an edge, in some cases even in comparison with the Far East.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST BUSINESS CHALLENGE SO FAR? Having repurchased the family business from an US conglomerate some 4 years ago we had to strip out obsolete equipment, modernise the workforce, install new systems and procedures, rebuild the quality team and most of all make sure that our client base is well served whilst attracting new business.

AND YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS? Turning round a red figure operation into a profitable (albeit small) organisation. Also the thought and ability to enter new market sectors previously not considered.

WHAT DOES THE NEXT 12 MONTHS HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU? To invest in new equipment to further improve our ability to meet demands as well as penetrating into the ground solution Durapath market.

Durapath is a very well designed ground solution tile used for construction sights, car parks, driveways, access roads etc and as we are the manufacturer we are able to offer a competitive pricing package.  In many instances Durapath replaces traditional tarmac services at a fraction of the price and with an added advantage of a choice of colour. Additionally the product is extremely environmentally friendly being made from recycled material, if no longer needed can be recycled again and is self draining allowing rainwater to seep into the ground.

AND IN FIVE YEARS TIME YOU’D LIKE THE BUSINESS TO? To have a stable and solid base, providing a return on investment and to continue to be a considerate employer as well as growing staff numbers. Providing employment and maintaining a good workforce is one of the key aspirations of the business.

NATURALLY, YOU WANT TO REACH CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS AND THOSE WHO CAN HELP YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS SUCCEED. WHO MIGHT YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM (TYPES OF SERVICES OR BUSINESSES)? We are looking for companies of all sizes with whom we can form good and longstanding business relationships. These could be in the engineering field, medical, food and drink manufacturers, construction and building operators, event organisers – in a nutshell anyone with long term requirements for plastic injection mouldings. We are particularly interested in working with organisations and individuals at the start of new projects and ideas where we can offer our expertise and problem solving capabilities.

WHEN YOU FEEL TROUBLED OR ‘BEATEN’ AT ANY STAGE IN BUSINESS LIFE, WHAT’S YOUR SECRET TO RALLYING YOURSELF? Going home, identify what why and how and making sure that the day sees my glass being half full. I can only survive with a positive looking forward attitude, but sometimes accepting that not everything in business necessarily runs smoothly.

WHAT’S CHANGING ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY THAT MAKES IT SUCH A GOOD SPACE TO BE IN? Technology is continuously changing making operational procedures more effective and exciting. Materials, processes and technologically enhanced robots evolve on a regular basis. Clients are becoming more environmentally aware so meeting future environmental requirements are challenging. Plastics will continue to be a preferred material for many applications and products.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WANTING TO ENTER YOUR INDUSTRY SPACE? To realise that the plastic industry is a fairly crowded place so to be successful one needs to go the extra mile, be prepared to take calculated risks and to build strong business relationships.