Over the Christmas period, we have been having a customer review, and we are now pleased to share some of the customer comments.

The following customer comments were from Darren Smith, who is the Commercial Director at VMS.

Our two companies, Electronic Terminations and Roland Plastics, have supplied VMS (formerly Techspan), now part of the Hill and Smith group, for over 10 years with cabling and connectors solutions, primarily for the use on the UK highway system.

Darren Smith, the Commercial Director said:

Dealing with the team at ETL and RPL has always been a pleasure. The companies’ outstanding record on timely deliveries and approach to problem solving is greatly appreciated, as a key supplier they go the extra mile to support our services. Thank you ETL and RPL!

Our Services

Roland Plastics has been a key supplier to the industry for a number of years, assisting Electronic Terminations in the production of cables. The cables need to be moulded to make them weatherproof and this can only be done by Roland Plastics, which is based on the same site as Electronic Terminations.

UK Made Quality

With a ‘Made in the UK’ stamp you can guarantee quality, and as another benefit you will also save on costly airfreight or other shipping costs, than if you were buying from another country. If you have any questions or you would like a free, no obligations quote, please go to our contact page in the header and we will be pleased to try and help you.